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  • When she said nothing, the slaves went back to the final arrangement of her hair.

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  • As the three men entered the gates, and walked up the drive towards the house, they saw her approaching from the direction of the tennis-courts, a single salmon-pink poppy in her hand. The guests broke into applause, obviously believing the caustic banter between Tristan and the magician was simply part of the show.
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    So you've found a kind of excuse for keeping reality at a distance. She learned to cook in the same way, at first from hunger, and then with a kind of dim pleasure, remembering the aromas of comfort found in Delia's house without having to remember Delia herself.

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    And by coming this way we go much closer to the Ile-de-France.

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  • We ordain, he added, that the king shall have full power and free jurisdiction over his realm as in the days before the Provisions, The only consolation to the barons was that Louis declared that he did not intend to derogate from the ancient liberties of the realm, as established by charter or custom, and that he urged a general amnesty on both parties. The fear of being pitied and the nagging suspicion that they had been talking about him behind his back, despite all the assurances he had been given, paralyzed his will for friendliness.
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    She's been there day and night, and she sounds flipped out.

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    You were also the one who doctored the graph with the extra Xs, he said flippantly. Munasinghe nodded but his eyes showed that he had his doubts.

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    I should have sent you back to your father long since.

    Well, Captain, he says he speaks on behalf of the Free German territory of Neuschwabenland. Its length was perhaps thirty feet, its width impossible to determine, as it seemed to disappear into the jungle and the crashing waterfall.
    And he could not tell the MP that when your body was awake you felt sounds as well as heard them. You think that I'll flop into bed automatically with the highest-ranking male aboard, don't you?

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  • But the book has its own shape and spirit and is designed to be a companion to the series, not a replica of it. I know this is a lot to take in right now, but it's got magical wards around it defenses and I don't think those shadow-things will be able to see through them.
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  • I took the car into the cul-de-sac, as though lost, and slowly rolled through the turning circle. I suppose I could have turned you over to the filth and had them tear you apart, but that would only be fun for a little while.

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  • Sturm hadn't noticed - the herders themselves were rather pungent. Peter, you know, the coward, Peter denied him: I know not the man ...
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  • But one can readily understand how we longed for sleep. The jagged holes in Santiago's outer planking looked deceptively small, but Tromp's experienced mind pictured the horror and carnage on the Spaniard's packed gundeck as the five-and-a-half-inch balls erupted into the gun crews amid a spreading hail of lethal splinters .

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  • There was one other piece of mail for him, waiting since the day he had fled London, a great embossed piece of gilded card that ordered Major Richard Sharpe to attend upon His Royal Highness, the Prince Regent, at ten in the forenoon of Saturday, 21st August, at the Reviewing Stand by The Ring in Hyde Park.
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  • Perhaps not, she said, but please don't make any more promises.

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  • The agent recognized the look he had seen in her eyes. I have stuck to this essentially useless work for almost a century partly through inducements and partly through genetic disposition-I am a direct-and-reinforced descendant of Andrew Jackson Slipstick Libby himself.

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  • Maybe this whole place will vanish in two minutes and plop us back into the ocean.
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  • Suggested he should stay away from young girls to avoid any possibility of misunderstanding. He's why they wanted to hold us back, and why I was in such a hurry to get away.
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